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Craft beer hits double digit market share

Sales and volume up strong in 2016

The steady and sustained growth of American craft brewing continued during 2016, according to data released by the Brewers Association (BA). MORE...

A sour for all seasons

Beginning in 2015, many have predicted that the tart and sour beer category will be among the hottest beer trends. It is an easy one to take advantage of.

These days, no moderately large beer list (15 or more bottle selections) is complete without at least a beer or two in the tart/sour category. While this may have been difficult to achieve as recently as five years ago, it is much easier now as local and regional breweries continue to develop interesting offerings in this category.   MORE...

Berliner Weisse the perfect beer of summer

It’s not very common to see a Berliner Weisse in a restaurant these days. That’s a shame because American craft brewers are turning this once obscure style into the perfect beer of summer.

We call it Florida Weisse, in honor of the brewers in the state of Florida who are the current leaders in modernizing this old style to contemporary tastes. And who would better know the need for a good hot season beer than Floridians? Not to worry, these Neo-Berliner-style Weisse beers are now being produced by quality craft brewers across the country.

Berliner Weisse is one of the very few beers available that has significant acidity. This pleasant tartness gives it a versatility that other light-style beers can’t match. If there is a more refreshing beer, we don’t don’t know its name.    MORE...

Differentiation: Craft versus Macro

The prime beer list differentiator is no longer Domestic vs. Imported, but Craft vs. Macro. Designing a beer menu that announces “We understand beer” will help your restaurant sell more of the higher-profit craft beers.  MORE...

Craft alternatives to light beer

In American restaurants today, Bud Light and a handful of similar macro-brewed light-lager brands (Miller, Coors, Corona and Amstel) make up a huge chunk of beer sales. If you'd like to liberate your restaurant from this rather boring mass-market standardization, but not hurt your business, there is a right way to go about it.  MORE...

Supercharging a beer pairing dinner

Beer–food pairing dinners are a popular feature in better restaurants today. You know the type — flavorful craft beers paired with four or five food courses and pre-sold as a packaged event. They're fun, easy to do, and profitable.

But there are beer dinners and then there are BEER dinners. The supercharged BEER dinner is one that not only pairs the beer with an appropriate dish, but also includes beer as an ingredient in the dish. Using beer as an ingredient truly elevates the pairing dinner to a whole new level. It also challenges the chef to think more deeply and creatively when creating the menu. The results generally speak for themselves.  MORE...

Use this authoritative beer style reference

When you can’t quite remember the differences among Old Ale, Strong Ale, and Heavy Ale, you need to consult the Beer Style Guidelines published by the Brewers Association within its website.

The guidelines describe over 140 styles of beer and are used in prestigious beer competitions, such as the Great American Beer Festival®  and the World Beer Cup®. It is the most authoritative source for descriptions of beer styles the way they are made today.

Restaurateurs will find the guidelines useful when planning or updating their beer menus. Its categories and sub-groupings are helpful when deciding how to organize and stratify the beer list. Use its style definitions to help select the points to emphasize when writing a beer’s description. Just reading through the details of the 140 styles will undoubtedly give beer ideas to even the most experienced food and beverage managers.


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Let small breweries add oomph to your restaurant’s beer list

Picking up a new high-end beer from a hot new brewery can help energize your beer list. It offers a new story to tell. It increases customer interest and causes conversation. People tell their friends what they had and where they had it. One such brewery is Tampa’s Cigar City.

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Craft beer’s growth
great for restaurateurs

The Brewer’s Association reports that nationally American craft beer sales volume grew at a double-digit pace in each of the past several years.

It is notable that American craft beer, which is the most expensive segment of the beer category, is out-performing the overall market, including imports. This is good news for restaurants looking for ways to increase sales during this national economic slowdown. It just makes good sense to offer more craft beer.

Educational Resources
in support of craft beer sales

Use Craft Beer Restaurant articles to help you brush up on your knowledge of craft beer and how to offer and sell it in a restaurant setting.

Similarities/Differences of Wine & Beer - Part 1

Discusses the similarities and differences of making craft beer and fine wines.

Similarities/Differences of Wine & Beer - Part 2

Discusses the sources of aesthetic qualities like color, taste and aroma.

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Craft Beer’s hot growth statistics

Selecting craft beer glassware

For the casual- or fine-dining restaurant the selection of craft beer glassware is very important, but it need not be difficult. Craft beer glassware simply needs some of the same consideration that you give to your wine glassware.  Our glassware guide helps you make the best selection. Beautiful glassware for beautiful beers.  MORE...

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