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How clean is beer clean? Pretty darned clean.

How important is beer clean to craft beer service in a restaurant? The Brewers Association (BA) states that a “perfectly poured beer requires a properly cleaned glass,” and we agree.

Here are some of the issues caused by non-beer-clean glassware and their various bad residues.

  1. A beer flattened from a big initial foam up that knocks most of the carbonation out of a poured beer.

  2. A headless beer from a film or grease residue that attacks the beer’s effervescence causing it to disappear.

  3. A bad odor or taste caused by something left on glass from improper cleaning or added to the glass by improper handling.

  4. A gag response when the drinker discovers the lipstick on the rim of the glass is not his.

Some tips beyond proper washing and rinsing include:

  1. Air dry glassware away from sinks, dirty dishes, and food preparation areas.

  2. Do not wipe dry or polish glassware with towels–they can actually transfer aroma or films to the glass. A properly washed and rinsed glass does not require wiping. It’s best to air dry or heat dry in an automatic glass washer.

  3. Air dry and store glassware upside down in clean stainless steel baskets or hanging by their feet in overhead racks.

  4. Remind bar and wait staff that aromas can easily be transferred to a glass by an employee who has recently applied a perfumed hand cream.

Beer clean is a higher standard than many people realize, but it’s not hard to achieve. It just takes commitment to a system. For step-by-step instructions to the beer clean process, follow this link to the Brewers Association guide on the topic.

Having beer clean glassware is yet another way to differentiate your establishment from the competition. It’s a little thing that will be very appreciated by your beer drinking customers.

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Beer Clean Glassware

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