Whether called craft beer, artisan beer, or microbrews, progressive restaurateurs are learning more each day about how to sell these better beers paired with their food menu selections.

CraftBeerRestaurant.com is an independent restaurant industry trade publication targeted to restaurant managers, food & beverage directors, chefs,  bar managers, Cicerones, and sommeliers. It provides the information restaurant personnel need to master the craft beer market. It helps them avoid common mistakes and maximize profits from the sale of craft beer.

Independent and Objective

CraftBeerRestaurant.com is not affiliated with any brewery, beer importer, beer distributor, or beverage alcohol industry manufacturer. It is independent, objective, and solely focused on helping restaurants sell craft beer.


CraftBeerRestaurant.com is non-commercial. We do not accept any advertising, paid article placements, or other things of value that might give the appearance of bias or compromise our objectivity.

No Beer Geek spoken here

CraftBeerRestaurant.com is written for the restaurateur. We avoid the crazy beer jargon and technical brewing language that tends to over-complicate the understanding of craft beer. We believe selling craft beer in restaurants is not a difficult concept, so we get down to the essence in clear, concise terms.

Market Philosophy

For many casual- and fine-dining restaurateurs, selling craft beer is still a pretty new subject. They have mastered selling fine wines and have proven, good wine lists, but selling craft beer is still a work in progress. For others, craft beer is now an integral part of their beverage mix but they would like to see more sales.

Restaurateurs are finding that having a well-planned beer list complements the wine list and allows them to differentiate their establishments from the competition. It also opens them up to a new clientele of craft beer drinkers, whose numbers are rapidly increasing.

CraftBeerRestaurant.com supports this fast growing need for information about selling craft beer in restaurants. It is both educational and informative. It provides tips, ideas, and technical guidance to help your restaurant become a leader in taking advantage of the explosion in craft beer sales.


Craft Beer Restaurant
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Editor and Publisher

CraftBeerRestaurant.com is written, edited, and published by Charles Bockway in support of craft beer sales in restaurants.

A former state Department of Agriculture staffer, Bockway later served as regional manager of a wine and distilled spirits industry broker and marketing services firm. In that capacity he helped restaurants build beverage sales with many of the finest labels in the industry.

In 2009, he reentered the food and beverage arena to found Brilliant Stream, an advocacy and information service in support of the artisan food and beverage industries. Retiring from this business in August 2014, he now maintains the CraftBeerRestaurant.com website as an entirely personal endeavor.

In his home state of West Virginia, he is active in local craft beverage and culinary tourism initiatives. He blogs about craft beer in the Appalachian region at BrilliantStream.com.

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CraftBeerRestaurant.com helps restaurants profit by selling more craft beer. CBR delivers concise, targeted content including:

  1. BulletStrategies for getting started right if you’re just beginning;

  2. BulletSimple steps to improving your craft beer sservice;

  3. BulletNew strategies for building effective beer lists;

  4. BulletTips on organizing a craft beer sales program;

  5. BulletBeer style profiles.